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Leah Abel

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United States

LEAH JAMES ABEL sprang about in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has continued performing and teaching from New York to China and Korea — dancing, clowning, stilting, twisting around trapezes, or parading around with someone standing on her shoulders.  She performs on a wide variety of aerial equipment -- including a cargo net strung 40 feet in the air -- but fancies performing doubles trapeze. Leah performed and taught in Haiti with the nonprofit charity, Clowns Without Borders (clownswithoutborders.org). Leah has also freelanced in New York City and as company member of two smaller companies as a funny persona and aerialist (Cirque Boom and Kirkos). For two years she frolicked with the Imago troupe (www.imagotheatre.com), a Portland, Oregon-based mask and puppet theater, in their performances of Frogz and Biglittlethings. Currently Leah works as a coach and as the Manager of Education at Aircraft Aerial Arts (aircraftaerialarts.com). Leah strangely completed her Masters in Environmental Law and Policy at Vermont Law School. With her degree, she re-joined the circus world and is happy about doing so. Now, she is the process of getting a Masters in Social Work, from Simmons College and plans to build a Social Circus in Boston!