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Lauren Taglialatela

Kennesaw State University
Full Professor
Kennesaw, GA
Dr. Lauren Taglialatela is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Kennesaw University; since then, she has made over 80 conference presentations, won numerous teaching awards, mentored countless students, and written 3 book chapters and 9 articles , including co-authoring the article Circus Arts Therapy® fitness and play therapy program shows positive clinical results with Carrie Heller.  The article appears in the International Journal of Play Therapy (published by the American Psychological Association):  http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/pla0000068 Lauren has been working with both adults and children at Carrie Heller’s Circus Arts Institute in 1996, and her silly personality fills her classes with fun and laughter. Although she has experience with trapeze and Aerial Fabric, her favorite apparatus is the Spanish web. For Lauren, circus arts are an exciting escape from her everyday life as a college professor. She was invited to audition for Cirque Du Soleil, and although they said "no thank you" she notes that they said it in French, so it sounded very fancy anyway.