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Jonathan Deull

Zip Zap Circus USA
For more than thirty years, Jonathan Deull has been a show business maid-of-all-work. He has extensive experience in many aspects of live entertainment production – including service as Executive Vice President of Clark Transfer, the theatrical transportation and logistics company started by his grandfather in 1949. Since 1997 he has been deeply engaged in the study and practice of rigging for live entertainment, with a particular emphasis on aerial performer rigging for circus, aerial dance and theatre. He is an ETCP Certified Rigger (Theatre), and an ETCP Recognized Rigging Trainer. He serves as a voting member of the PLASA Rigging Working Group which formulates rigging standards for the entertainment industry.

Jonathan's circus career began when his daughter, Sara, began to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Suddenly he became very interested, and this led him down a rabbit hole whom which he has not emerged. In addition to his rigging and teaching activities he is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Zip Zap Circus USA, Inc,. a charitable organization dedicated to the use circus training and performance as a tool for individual and community transformation. For the past several years he has served as member of the AYCO/ACE Safety Committee, working to create and implement programs to enhance safety and risk management practices throughout the circus community.

His work includes design and execution of rigging systems in the USA and internationally. He also creates and leads professional-level workshops and training programs on rigging and risk management for performing arts riggers, as well as rigging familiarity training for performers and choreographers. He has presented at workshops on rigging and other subjects at LDI, USITT, AYCO/ACE and other industry gatherings, and he authored the chapter on rigging for Aerial Dance, by Jayne Bernasconi and Nancy Smith.

A member of I.A.T.S.E. (Local 329) since 1979, he has degrees in theatre (directing and design) from Wesleyan University and in Law (J.D., 1984) from The George Washington University He is a licensed commercial pilot and a proud member of the Long Reach Long Riders motorcycle gang. He spent thirty years living and working in Washington, DC, and has recently relocated to the New York area.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, October 5

2:00pm EDT

Saturday, October 6

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Sunday, October 7

3:45pm EDT